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Home Insurance
Home Insurance

Look after your biggest investment and everything in it with a proper policy that ensures its protection in the event of an accident or natural disaster.

Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance

Choosing the right auto insurance is the key to keeping you and your car safe on the road in the event of an accident or other vehicle damage.

Farm Insurance
Farm Insurance

Take care of your farm and your home with a competitive policy to cover everything from Dwelling and Personal Property to Liability.

Coverage for Your Business
Coverage for Your Business

We're committed to keeping your business protected - so you can focus on your day-to-day operations.

Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation

Protect your business from employee expenses resulting from work-related accidents and injuries.

Your Source for Home, Auto, and Commerical insurance in Livermore, CA and Surrounding Areas

Benko Insurance Agency


Benko Insurance Agency is locally-owned and operated and delivers insurance and risk management solutions.  For 40 years we’ve provided invaluable services and resources to our service communities in Central California and we’re proud to keep the people we serve secure.  Our commitment to giving each client the most value is evident in the services and products we provide as well as in our devotion to helping make Central California a better place to live and work.


We’re independent so we work with different insurance companies to provide the best coverages.  Vast and diverse, these coverages give clients choices and protect against almost any exposure.  Moreover, they enable policy customization, which is key in finding the right mix of coverage and cost and in finding the right deal.  We’re happy to offer clients the right deal – the best coverage at the right price.


The insurance packages we offer are versatile and suit almost any individual or business.  On the personal side we specialize in home, auto, and personal umbrella insurance.  On the commercial side we specialize in farm and small business coverage.  For small businesses our options include all general coverages - general liability, business owners policies, and workers compensation among them.  Specific coverages for small businesses include bonds, loss control, and group health. 


Whether you’re a homeowner, craft brewer, or manufacturer, we can help you.  We’ll keep you secure and support you in any way you need.  If you need information, we’ll give it to you.  If you need help resolving a claim, we’ll help you and advocate for you.  We’re proud to be insurers and to serve communities in California and we hope that we can help you find the right solution.


To learn more, please contact an agent or give us a call.  You can request a quote to get started on a policy.  

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